The secret to our success?

Youth Work works...

Our delivery team have a range our backgrounds but many started their careers in Youth Work and are professionally qualified, JNC recognised youth workers.  That means whether we are facilitating a safeguarding, behaviour or youth work session our practice is inclusive, innovative and built upon youth work values.

Working with staff

Whether you are a professional youth worker, someone new to youth work or you work with children and young people in a variety of contexts we have a range of training and support programmes available  for you.

Our area of expertise is of engaging the most hard to engage young people, establishing rapport, relationship building and promoting life long behavioural change.  Our vision is to help 'Mentally prepare children and young people for life'

Our work with young people


We share what works

We believe when delivering training to professionals working with young people it is important that our staff have recent experience working frontline with young people themselves.

We work on a number of innovative pilot projects with young peoples tackling a variety of issues such as social isolation, loneliness, digital detox and happiness camps.