Mentally preparing for life

For young people to thrive they need the knowledge, skills and confidence to navigate through life's challenges.

We believe the key is to educate young people as soon as possible on a positive behavioural psychology which enables them to understand how their and others brains work.

Doing this helps them to improve their behaviour, communication, relationships and mental wellbeing.


Assemblies and workshops

We are pleased to be able to offer schools our Behaviour, Attendance, Attainment and Mental wellbeing (B.A.A.M) program, which focuses upon improving outcomes in these areas.

We deliver an interactive and fun assembly which teaches a positive behavioural psychology, and how they can use it to take effective control of their lives.

This is followed up by a series of workshops which look at;

* Behaviour, who is in control and what's  the impact?

* Relationship habits

* Effective communication and getting what we need

* Building resilience and growth mindset

* Mindfulness

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We also provide...

Training and coaching

We know for the program to work it helps to have staff that understand how it works and its impact.  The training focuses upon improving B.A.A.M and we can provide onsite coaching.

Resources and support aids

All delegates receive a work book of interactive activities and in addition to this we can provide a bespoke service of writing lesson and session plans for teachers and support staff.

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Our Impact in school

" It was heart-warming to hear pupil's stories of their new found confidence they have had as a result of accessing the program.  Pupil's proudly told inspectors "now i just walk away, i don't fight" and " I just wished i could have had it sooner"  OFSTED, May 2018

Head teacher, Kate Chisholm talks about the impact of our work in  school.